Will Smith And His Family Talk Health and Weight Issues!

Will Smith is a mega super star, but during the latest episode of Red Table Talk On Facebook Watch, he admitted that he struggles with his weight and eating habits!


According to Yahoo:

Will Smith is fully leaning into the Red Table Talk lifestyle, despite the recent sneak peek clip of the new episode of the Smith family’s Facebook talk show, which showed Will getting seemingly upset by his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, questioning his alcohol intake. In the episode, though, we learn that it was actually the Aladdin star who called his family together for an “emergency” Red Table Talk.

In the episode, Will’s 26-year-old son, Trey Smith, makes his first appearance at the table and Will opens up to his three children, wife, Jada, and mother-in-law, Adrienne, about his complicated relationship with food.

Will first talks about a recent weight gain during a family vacation, where their private chef would make them hot and fresh muffins each day.

Watch below:



Health is wealth!


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