Whitney Houston’s Mother Is Horrified Over Molestation Rumors

It’s been six years since the great Whitney Houston passed away and there is a new documentary, directed by  Kevin Macdonald out, now, to tell the untold story of Whitney and what truly plagued the talented and tormented super star. One of the shocking pieces of information uncovered in the new film, is the allegation that Whitney Houston and her brother, Gary, were molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick as children. In an exclusive interview with People, Whitney’s mother opened up about the shocking allegations. “We cannot overstate the shock and horror we feel and the difficulty we have believing that my niece Dee Dee Warwick molested two of my three children,” she said.

According to sources, the allegation comes from Whitney’s long time assistant, Mary Jones who says she struggled with for a long time with the secret Whitney had trusted her to keep after confiding in her several times. “I decided to share the story so that people might understand that throughout her entire life Whitney carried this with her, and the weight of it was immense. Whitney was a wonderful woman, an angel, and she did not drag herself down all alone — there was a cause,” Jones said.

source – people

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