White Woman Calls The Police On 9-Year-Old Black Child For False Sexual Assault

Theresa Klein, who is now being referred to as #CornerstoreCaroline, is a 53 year old Brooklyn resident who called the police on a young black child for sexual assault because she felt his backpack brush up against her. “I just was sexually assaulted by a child,” Klein said to the 911 operator standing out of the store. The boy was 9 years old.

On Friday, Klein went back to the store, where reporters surrounded her. Later, Klein, the reporters and several onlookers, many with phones held up, crowded inside the small deli, where surveillance footage of the alleged grabbing was being played on a screen mounted on a wall.

The video showed Klein standing at the register as the boy walked past behind her with his blue backpack and a plastic bag in his right hand. As the boy’s bag appeared to brush against Klein, she looked behind her, seeming startled. (Washington Post)


source – nbc,washingtonpost

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