Tiffany Haddish’s Stepfather Planned On Killing Her, Her Siblings, And Her Mother

Tiffany Haddish, 38, is having an amazing year and her career is on the up and up despite a long and rocky road. The ‘Night School’ star shared a very personal piece of information with the New York Times about what pulled her away from her suicidal thoughts. Haddish divulged that for a long time she suffered with depression and thoughts of suicide because she felt everything and everyone in her life was out to hurt her. It wasn’t until she learned a terrible secret from her stepfather, that she decided to move into the light.

And to make matters worse, Tiffany Haddish said her stepfather admitted she too was supposed to be in the car with her mother who had an accident that sent her careening the windshield and resulted in permanent brain damage.

The comedian said her stepfather told her to “buck up” and snap out of depression because she should be dead. Her stepfather admitted that he cut the car’s brakes and intended for Haddish and her siblings to be killed in the car with her mother. (The Grio) 

Tiffany’s revenge, was to live her best life and let God take the wheel.

source – thegrio

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