The Foxx Five: Sasha Scott

The Foxx Five will feature exceptional entrepreneurs that are moving the needle forward, and made a way out  of their circumstances no matter what obstacles they may have faced in the past, or facing currently. I would like to highlight these individuals and their business and spread the good word!

Sasha Scott is the Assistant Buyer/General Manager of ShoeFeature, LLC, an online shoe store that caters to the everyday working woman and the stars.

K: Talk to me about your 12 plus years experience in the fashion industry.

S: Originally I worked retail to finance my college expenses as a pre-med student. It came naturally and I saw that I not only enjoyed helping clients in a medical capacity but also from a fashion standpoint. Long after college I garnered experience at luxury retailers such as Bond No 9, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. While garnering an extensive client list I realized many of my customers were not able to physically come in to the store and had a loyalty to ME even more so than the store I worked it. Soon, the MOBILE idea for my own business popped into my head.

K: When did you first fall in love with shoes?

S: I must have been three years old when my love of high heels came about. Always telling everyone I was going to be a model and wearing ALL of my grandma’s heel and dresses.

K: When  did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur, and why is it important?

S: I knew how to manage myself well, time management and task management. I also led without the intent to lead and inspire. When I found tasks like being to work on time difficult or a job where my schedule was made for me difficult, I realized it wasn’t the work, but the fact that I wasn’t setting the rules or lack of that I was having difficulty with. Restrictions and parameters are hard for artists and entrepreneurs.

K: You are a Mom, and an entrepreneur What challenges do you face as a woman who’s an entrepreneur and raising your child?

S: Wow. Can I tell you I wouldn’t have it any other way. Never, have I felt more desire and drive to outdo myself. My son Landon, (The Jnr CEO) as all my clients call him, is such an extra piece of motivation in my life and in the life of this business. He is able to see me on TV, host events, and understand money in ways no one taught me. I am able to impart knowledge and I learn even more time management skills and perspective from him.

K: What makes a shoe sexy to you, and what your favorite show of all time?

S: Is it me, or do you notice that extra pep in a woman’s step when you pay her a compliment? Well, its the same thing when she’s wearing ShoeFeature. That walk becomes a strut, that slouch becomes a stance. Now that’s sexy!

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