Philly Block Parties Now Require Local Police Approval

Previously, if you wanted to throw a blazin’ block party in Philly, all you had to do was round up 75 signatures from your neighbors and submit a┬áBlock Party Approval Authorization form to the Streets Department along with the $25 application fee. Things have changed a bit, as Philadelphia now requires police approval, effective August 1.

[All] Street Event Applications handled by the Right of Way Unit will require pre-screening approval from local Police Districts in advance of being processed. This change applies to applications submitted for approval on or after August 1, 2018. Applicants seeking approval to close their street to host a block party or another street event must submit a Block Party Authorization Approval Form to their local Police District before applying for a permit with the Streets Department.

While you still need to gather signatures and submit your Block Party Approval Authorization form, your application will not be processed unless you have approval and a signature from your local police distract.

Plan in advance, y’all!

source – phillyvoice

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