Philadelphia Residents Petition For Free Transit On Election Day

A petition created by Philadelphia nonpartisan transportation PAC 5th Square, calling for free transportation to the polls on election day (Nov 6) has received over 300 signatures. The petition was posted on Tuesday and within 24 hours, picked up much traction.

“We know that not only getting to the polls can be challenging in Philadelphia, but many people also have long and expensive commutes on SEPTA to work and/or to drop their children off to daycare and schools, and getting to the polls may require an extra trip or two,” the petition read.

“By making SEPTA free to riders for the day, we can help ease the burden to make voting more convenient, create a culture that values voting from the highest levels of City government on down, and make sure Philadelphians get to the polls in a critical midterm election year when the city’s interests are on the line in Harrisburg and Washington,” it continues.  (Philly Voice)

How dope! Stand up Philly and let your voice be heard!

source – phillyvoice

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