Philadelphia Eagles Defense, Malcolm Jenkins Talks Fashion

Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles is arguably one of the most fashionable men in the NFL. He’s even opened his own store called Damari Savile, at 709 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Jenkins, 30, linked up with Philly Voice to discuss his relationship with the fashion industry:

“I always liked wearing suits and dressing up, but when I wore that first suit at the NFL Draft, I liked it,” Jenkins recalled. “I was like any other college kid. You put on what’s clean and what you can find. But I liked wearing that custom suit, which really changed my mind about custom-tailored suits. I started wearing suits when I was with the Saints. A lot of teams have dress codes on the road, with coats and ties and looking nice.

“Every Saturday in the league it’s like a mini-fashion show in the locker rooms [planning our Sunday outfits]. I started to find different ways to stand out. It’s when I started to care about the way I looked. Over the years, it led me getting into the fashion industry. Now, I’m not always about wearing a suit everywhere I go. I can go sport coat or blazer, overcoat and jeans. I’m pretty versatile. I would say that if there is anything that carries over from the football field about me is my versatility. Just like my game, when it comes to my fashion, I like versatile things and wear suits and clothes different ways.” (Philly Voice) 

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source – phillyvoice

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