Papa Johns Founder Claims He Was ‘Pressured’ Into Using Racial Slur

The founder of Papa Johns, John Schnatter recently resigned as the chairman of the the chain restaurant after news the he’d used the n-word during a conference call went viral. Now, Schnatter claims he only used the word because he was pressured into it and that the agency was ‘promoting that vocabulary.’

“They pushed me and it upset me, and I just said, ‘Listen, other people have used that word. I don’t, and will not use that word and people at Papa John’s don’t use that.’ And that was the comment. But they actually wanted to get into that vocabulary, and I said absolutely not.”

In other Papa John’s news, the company has decided to remove Schnatter from the logo and ads. It gets deeper—the Yankees have even decided to cut ties with the company. Check out Schnatter’s interview with WLKY below.

source – youtube

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