Pair Behind Tinder Scam Speak Out

We recently reported that a man named Rob Bliss, the owner of a marketing agency that create viral video campaigns and a woman named Natasha Aponte conducted a very interesting Tinder scam, where they invited hundreds of unwitting men on a ‘date’ to check out an EDM DJ set in Union Square NYC, only to find Natasha on a stage, eliminating them one by one based on dating app qualifications. Bliss explained that everyday people submit themselves to superficial demands via dating apps but asked, “–would they if someone did this, in the real world?”

At one point during the elimination process where Natasha dismissed men for being too short, having long beards, and wearing khakis, a man grabbed the mic from her and said “Excuse me, this sh– you just did right here, pull this stunt with all these men, who have stuff to do, is f–d up. You know it’s f–d up.”

“This is what happens on a day to day basis, on dating apps,” Natasha responded.

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