Omarosa Says Her Job At The White House Was To Have “A Seat At The Table”

In an exclusive interview with The Grio, Omarosa Manigault Newman talks about her relationship with Donald Trump and how she initially took her role at the White House to ‘have a seat at the table’ and represent the black community. When asked if she felt like she accomplished what she set on to on behalf of the black community, Manigault Newman said, “In some ways, I came up short.”

She also explained that her long time relationship with Donald Trump impaired her judgement of him. “You know, I had a complete blind spot with the person who I thought that I had known for so long,” she said. “I was too close to him to really see what he was doing and in a lot of ways I missed the mark in terms of having an opportunity to impact him a little more–people thought that I was complicit with every single decision that he made and that wasn’t always the case. To get up at the table by most of these white men, and then to walk out and try to go to my community and get the push back that I got. I didn’t realize it until after I left the White House, just how heavy of a burden that was.”

Watch the interview below:

source – the grio



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