NFL Star LeSean McCoy Accused Of Brutally Beating Girlfriend

LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriendĀ Delicia Cordon explained to her lawyers that while sleeping early Monday morning, someone broke into her Georgia home and pistol whipped her, asking for specific items of jewelry that McCoy had previously demanded she return to him. According to Cordon, McCoy had also previously told her that she could be robbed for the jewelry because of how it expensive she was. In addition to the horrible damage that was done to her face as a result of the beating, Cordon sustained injuries to her wrists after the assailant attempted to rip her bracelet off. Cordon also claims that though the two have had a relationship since 2016, McCoy has not contacted her to check on her since the incident. McCoy has denied any involvement and calls the allegations ‘baseless and offensive’.


source – tmz

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