Meek Mill Opens Up About Life After Prison

Rapper, Meek Mill, recently spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer about what life is like after prison and how the experience has changed him. Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison after violating his probation in 2017. The probation stemmed from gun charges he caught in 2008. Meek explained how easy it is to end up back in prison for even the smallest offenses and how mentally effected one can be by the system. “To have to drive there (to see his probation officer) and show my private parts in front of another man and [urinate] in a cup for something that happened to me when I was 18 years old? It does something to you mentally,” he told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Meek has since worked to advocate for criminal justice reform. “I feel like I got a bigger responsibility. I never had that type of support before. I been going back and forth to jail for these same reasons for 11 years, but nobody ever really paid it any mind,” he said. “t took people time to come around and say, ‘This can’t be right.’ Not just not right for me, but for anybody that’s on probation, or anybody trying to better themselves.”

source – allhihpop

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