Kim Kardashian Labeled ‘Homophobic’ After Social Media Spat With Tyson Beckford

Kim Kardashian and Tyson Beckford got into a pretty shady spat over social media that had many people questioning whether Kim is homophobic. Tyson commented on a picture of Kim saying, “Sorry. I don’t care for it personally—she’s not real, doctor f–ed up on her right hip.”

Kim replied to his comment, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” which many assumed meant she was implying he’s gay.

The ladies of ‘The Talk’ discussed the situation and Eve actually defended Kim. “I think she was coming back at somebody who was coming at her, that’s how I feel,” Eve said. “I feel he said something to her first which made her feel like she had to clap back, which I actually giggled about.”

source – toofab

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