Janoris Jenkins Speaks Out On Dead Body Found In His Home

Janoris Jenkins, NY Giants player, says that the man found dead in his home was a good friend of his. Jenkins said, “[it] hurts my heart to know that he’s passed.”

According to TMZ, producer Roosevelt Rene AKA Trypps Beats was found in Jenkins’ basement by officials on June 26. Jenkins’ brother William, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter.

“With regret and sadness I wish to inform the fans, and the public a good friend of mine Roosevelt Rene a.k.a. Trypps Beats was found dead at my place of residence. Trypps was a good friend and we were collaborating on music production together. It truly hurts my heart to know he has passed away. At the time of the incident I was in Florida preparing to finish off my promotional tour. As this is an ongoing incident, I cannot answer any questions related to the investigation. I am praying for Roosevelt and his family.”

source – TMZ

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