If You Want To Be Successful, Try These 6 Things Before 9 a.m.

According to entrepreneur.com, there are 6 essential activities you should be doing every morning before 9 am if you want to reach your full potential. So, ditch the snooze button and your zombie like addiction to scrolling through IG before dragging yourself from the bed to the shower. Try these motivation boosting tricks:

  1. Get physical – Simple enough; hit the gym, walk your dog—exercise in the a.m. could help boost your energy for the day.
  2. Eat something – They’ve been telling us this since 2nd grade! A healthy breakfast is proven way to keep your energy high and your brain sharp, at least until lunch time.
  3. Take care of necessary stuff – Cross a few things off your to do list. This could definitely take some weight off your shoulders as you go through your day.
  4. Tackle the most annoying thing on your to do list – This is self explanatory. There’s bound to be some things you’re dreading doing during your day. You have the most energy when you get up in the morning, so it’s best to take care of the most annoying tasks early in the day to free up valuable mind space.
  5. Learn something – Check out an article, read a chapter of your current book, watch a DIY Youtube video–get your brain working.
  6. Make a plan – You’re more likely to have a productive day if you already know where you’re headed. Map out your day first thing in the morning so you know what you have to accomplish.

source – entrepreneur.com

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