Grocery Store Employee Calls Police On Black Woman For Feeding Homeless Man

A Safeway Grocery store employee called the police on a young black woman who was attempting to feed a homeless man in the grocery store parking lot. Erika Martin went into the store with her family after a church service because she wanted to get the free cookies given away by the bakery, to give to a homeless man. Unfortunately, a store employee called the police on Martin and claimed she’d made ‘eye contact’ with a black man they’d suspected was shoplifting. When the police arrived, the searched the vehicle Martin was in and determined no crime had been committed.

Sources say a Safeway rep has reached out to Martin to apologize. The store released a statement saying, ““Safeway is committed to fostering an environment of treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect—we have strong policies against racial discrimination and we do not tolerate violations to the policy.”

The incident is currently under investigation

source – nydailynews

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