Former Allentown Mayor Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison On Corruption Charges

Former Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Tuesday, on corruption charges, a case the erupted three years ago after a raid of City Hall. Pawlowski was denied bail while the case is appealed and was taken straight from the courtroom to Lehigh County Jail where he’ll await assignment to federal prison.

Deputy U.S. Attorney Louis Lappen said prosecutors were “extremely pleased” with the sentence, adding it was a day Allentown residents had been awaiting for a long time. Speaking on the courthouse steps Tuesday, Lappen said corruption is a crime that “strikes at the heart of our democracy,” which counts on public officials to act on behalf of citizens and not themselves.

“Put the citizens first,” Lappen said. “What happened to Ed Pawlowski ought to send that message clearly.” (mcall)

source – mcall

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