DL Hughley Talks Bill Cosby Confrontation and Rosanne With Andey Cohen

Comedian, DL Hughley sat down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen and dug into some pretty sensitive subjects. He described a not so comfortable run in he had with Bill Cosby and his take on ABC firing Rosanne after her public racist comments.

“They hired her in the first place–here’s the thing — before, ABC hired¬†Rush Limbaugh¬†to do ‘Monday Night Football,’ so they’ve been courting this audience. Listen, I thought Roseanne should have got fired ’cause she shouldn’t have got hired, but once you take that ride, let’s go for the whole ride. I think bigots needs jobs, too. I just hate when they blame it on stuff. ‘I hate black people ’cause I took a sleeping pill.’ You hate black people ’cause you hate black people! I like people who make an argument and stick to it regardless of what people think of it.”

Watch the clips below:


source – toofab

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