Diddy Defends Revolt CEO After Racist Allegations

A former Revolt employee sent a letter to the company’s board, claiming CEO Roma Khanna is racist and has targeted people of color. The employee, according to TMZ, described herself as a ‘young, educated, black woman’ and claimed that Khanna had openly admitted to being ‘intimidated by black women’. The employee also claimed that Khanna spoke negatively about Meek Mill discussing prison reform and accused her of saying, “Maybe the conversation isn’t about prison reform, maybe it’s about how to stay out of jail, black boy.”

Additionally, the ex-employee says that Roma Khanna laid off 30% of Revolt’ss staff for restructuring and 99% of those laid off were African American. TMZ caught up with Revolt’s founder, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and he’s standing by his CEO.

“This story is inaccurate. We are a Black owned and operated network and we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Revolt is led by a woman of color who is expected to uphold the same standards that I hold for all of my companies. After an extensive review led by outside counsel there were no findings of deliberate misconduct. At this time, Roma Khanna will remain as CEO of REVOLT.” Diddy said. “Regarding the recent restructure, Revolt’s diversity remains unchanged. We are 67% ethnically diverse, with more than 60% of the senior leadership being women. Any suggestion that any company of mine negatively targets African Americans is absurd and offensive.”

source – TMZ

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