Couple On The Search For Videographer To Film Wedding Night Sex Tape

A UK couple is on the search for a skilled videographer to capture the consummation of their marriage on their wedding night. The couple remains anonymous but is offering £2,000, which is roughly 2,322 USD for someone to film them having sex between 1am and 3am.  “Both myself and my fiancé believe that your wedding day shouldn’t just be limited to a day, and actually your wedding night is just as important,” the couple posted on, a site where people can search for local professionals.

According to their post, they’ve been searching for the right person since 2016. “Since we got engaged we’ve both been in agreement that we want a videographer to film our wedding night, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find anyone willing, or who we’ve felt comfortable enough around,” the post reads. “Obviously we know that this is a bit of a weird request, but we just really don’t want to forget any moments from our day, or night, which is why we want everything on tape.”

They also say that they’re aware the request is an odd one but they have their heart set on the concept. Guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

source – deccanchronicle

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