Could Your Gel Manicure Be Putting You At Risk For Skin Cancer?

Gel manicures are great for long lasting, no chip nail looks but the UVA rays used to set the polish could potentially be cancer causing. According to research done by Augusta University, however, it takes multiple manicures and exposure to the UV light to reach that potential for DNA damage.

“Being exposed to such a low dose, for only a few minutes, on only a small percent of the total surface of the body — we don’t have any data on that, because the risk would be so small that it would be almost impossible to detect it,” said the director of cancer prevention at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

They also say that the risks for UV damage from gel manicures is higher at a younger age, so if you’re in your 30’s or older, you’re risk isn’t as high.

Though the chances are much more slim, than they would be spending all day in the sun, it’s still something to watch out for.

source – globalnews

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