Chadwick Boseman Talks Donald Trump, ‘Black Panther’, and More On ‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast

Chadwick Boseman spent sometime at The Hollywood Report offices for an interview with the ‘Awards Chatter’ podcast. Boseman talked about the relevance and the importance of his blockbuster film, ‘Black Panther’ and how necessary the story was at this particular time is history.

“Films can be escapism, but I don’t think this was escapism. I think this was aspirational. Some people may say, ‘Well, that country doesn’t exist, that’s not real,’ but we were pulling from all real things. We were pulling from the great empires; we were pulling from the hairstyles and the culture and the clothing; we were pulling from mixtures of politics that exist; and we were trying to create not a perfect world, but a leader and a country that was aspirational, that gets it right. And so the fact that the world could look at that and draw from it during this particular time? Only God can do that, only something more powerful and more knowing than ourselves can place it in this particular time.” –Chadwick Boseman (The Hollywood Reporter) 

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

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