Bill Cosby’s Legal Team Working To Remove Trial Judge

Bill Cosby is facing decades behind bars after being convicted of sexual assault, but his legal team is looking to stall his sentencing a little longer be trying to get the judge who oversaw his 2017 mistrial and his guilty verdict declaring trial, remove himself.

“Defendant respectfully requests that this Honorable Court disclose, on the record, the true facts of his interactions with Mr. Castor beginning with the 1998 prelude to the 1999 election campaign for District Attorney,” a motion filing from Cosby’s latest defense lawyer Joseph P. Green made public Tuesday says. In a renewed three-pronged attack on Judge O’Neil, Cosby and his team assert that an old personal dispute between former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor taints the Keystone State judge’s ability to “possibly be impartial” in the matter. (deadline)

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source – deadline

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