Witnesses In C Murder Case Recant Their Testimonies

The two prosecuting witnesses in the case that put rapper, C-Murder, who’s real name is Cory Miller, behind bars for life, have recently recanted their testimonies, claiming they were coerced into wrongly naming the rapper as the gunman who shot and killed 16 year old Steven Thomas in 2002.

“I know that the individual who I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller,” Kenneth Jordan wrote in a signed affidavit.

The other witness, Darnell Jordan, who has no relation to Kenneth, also admitted to lying on the witness stand. “I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas,” he said in his signed affidavit.

C-Murder’s lawyer Paul Barker is now requesting that the court vacate the rapper’s conviction. In a statement to the HuffPost, Barker said, “The entire conviction was based on the testimony of these two witnesses and we now have affidavits recanting both of those testimonies—we can now essentially impeach the state’s entire case. There’s nothing left for them to hang their hat on.”

source – huffpost

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