Two-Week Prison Strike Will Continue Through September In Philadelphia and Other US Cities

Starting Tuesday, prisoners in Philadelphia and nearly 24 other US cities initiated a 2 week strike to protest poor, exploitative prison conditions and labor practices. The strike beginning 8/21 to commemorates the death of an African American activist, named George Jackson, who was killed by a guard while in prison in 1971. The strike will continue through to September 9.

Leaders in the protest are calling for an end of what they call “modern-day slavery,” largely in reference to prisoners’ meager pay for labor. This issue gained attention recently in California when prisoners were recruited to help fight the state’s historic wildfires. The prisoners received $1 an hour and $2 a day. (Philly Voice) 

The below are a list of 10 demands, coinciding with the strike, laid out by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

source – phillyvoice

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