Tiffany Haddish’s Ex Husband Suing Her Over Abuse Allegations

Tiffany Haddish is going through some issues with her ex-husband who has decided to sue the actress over abuse allegations. William Stewart and Tiffany Haddish married and divorced twice, however, Stewart has filed a law suit against his ex-wife claiming she lied about him in her memoir ‘The Last Black Unicorn’. Though Tiffany never referred to him by his name, Tiffany accused her ‘ex-husband’ of abusing and stalking her.

In his court doc, Stewart claims these representations of him are ‘harmful and defamatory’. Stewart is also claiming that Tiffany admitted in an interview that he never beat her, he only choked her ‘a little bit’. He insists, Tiffany requested to him to be physically aggressive, specifically choking, during sexual intercourse. He’s seeking $1 million in the suit.

source – page six

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