Tiffany Haddish Is Taking A Stand Against Abortion

Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish was very emotional after she decided to take stand against states that are against abortion.

According to

Haddish was set to perform at the Fox Theatre on June 22. A rep for the theater told CNN it would offer refunds to ticket-holders.

Before Governor Brian Kemp signed the ban on abortions after six weeks, Alyssa Milano wrote a letter vowing not to film in the state — a popular site for movie shoots — if it passed. Dozens of actors, including Amy Schumer, Christina Applegate and Alec Baldwin, have also signed the letter.

“We want to stay in Georgia,” the letter reads. “But we will not do so silently, and we will do everything in our power to move our industry to a safer state for women if H.B. 481 becomes law.”

Days after Kemp signed the bill, which goes into effect in 2020, small production companies began to announce they would stop filming in Georgia. Netflix later joined as the first major Hollywood studio to oppose the ban.

Watch the emotional testimony below:


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