TI Was Unaware Kanye Would Release Collaboration “Ye Vs The People”

After Kanye’s infamous TMZ rant, where he claimed the residual effects of slavery ‘sounded like a choice’, he released a track he’d worked on with Atlanta rapper, TI called ‘Ye Vs The People’. However, TI had no idea Kanye would actually release the record, according to Page Six, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday. “I never thought he’d put it out because of the blatant honesty, because I actually wanted to say things that I felt people walking the streets would say—I wanted to give it a very organic feel.”

“We have a high level of respect for one another and I think the conversation was had with a high level of respect and admiration on both sides, and we just wanted to share our views. I wanted to pick his brain, get his thoughts, so I could have a better understanding of where he was coming from and what he was attempting to say,” TIP went onto say. Sources say the record was done in only 45 minutes.

source – pagesix

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