Swimming Banned At NJ Beaches After Garbage Washes Ashore

13 beaches were closed on Thursday in Mammoth County, NJ, due to floating garbage washing up on the shores. Officials claim the trash is a combination of things washed or flushed into sewer lines.


DEP Spokesman Larry Hajna said the decision was made to close beaches from Long Branch to Loch Arbour after the trash, which was a mixture of materials that get washed or flushed into sewer lines, washed up late Thursday afternoon.

“It can be anything that can wash off the streets or things that get flushed down the toilet,” Hajna said.

Hajna said the debris, classified as “floatables” by the DEP, included diabetic needles, tampon applicators, paper and bottles.

Atlantic Avenue, Elberon Beach Club, North Bath Avenue, South Bath Avenue, Joline Avenue, Laird Avenue, Ocean Beach Club and Imperial House are a few of the beaches where swimming has been banned.

source – nj.com

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