Police Called To Bill Cosby’s Home On His 81st Birthday For Noise Complaint

Someone in Bill Cosby’s neighborhood called the police on him, complaining there was music coming from his house. Cosby was celebrating his 81st birthday with family and friends–and a five piece jazz band at his home in Pennsylvania. According to TMZ, reps for Cosby said police did not give the family a hard time. “No police officers entered the property nor did any officer from Montgomery County make a request that the ‘live’ 5-piece band for Mr. Cosby’s birthday celebration, halt their music,” they said. “Mr. Cosby along with his bride (Mrs. Cosby), family and friends enjoyed beautiful jazz music to honor Mr. Cosby’s 81st Birthday, however, at least 4 Montgomery County Patrol Cars are always parked outside Mr. Cosby’s Philadelphia home for security purposes.”

source – TMZ


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