Pharrell Williams Links With Complex And Talks Kicks, Kanye, Cudi, and More

Complex caught up with the legendary Pharrell Williams and talked about the politics surrounding Kanye West, his role in sneaker culture, and Kid Cudi’s recent comments about possible dissension between himself and the Neptunes front man.

Speaking about Kanye West’s politics, Pharrell says, “We have to love our brother, regardless. We might not agree with him, but we can’t stand by and watch anything happen to him, because he’s our brother. And we’ve gotta pay attention to the symbolism of what’s happening, you know? That’s our brother. Never have we ever, in history, witnessed a staple in the community be utilized in that way. In that kind of way, with that kind of real impression. So I look at the symbolism of that and I say, man, that’s our brother. We don’t want to abandon him because we fundamentally disagree. We care about his well-being. We care about the spirit that is him.” (Complex)

Read and watch the full story here.

source – complex

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