Over 2,600 Inmates Being Transferred To New Pennsylvania Prison

According to the Philly Tribune, over 2,600 inmates are being transferred from one Pennsylvania prison to another. The transfers started on Wednesday around 9am. Inmates are transitioning fromĀ 89-year-old state prison at Graterford to a $400 million prison in Collgeville.

Philly Tribune:

Several hundred inmates will be moved each day, for however long it takes to complete the operation, officials said. They didn’t add how long they expected the move to take. On Wednesday, most were moved by van.

“Employees and inmates have been waiting patiently for this move to take place,” Corrections Secretary John Wetzel said in the statement. “We are aware of the anxiety that this move has caused everyone, and we have worked diligently to plan for every aspect and to ensure that the transition is smooth for everyone involved.”


source – phillytribune

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