OBJ Says He Feels Like A Zoo Animal On New LeBron James Hosted HBO Series ‘The Shop’

LeBron James is making the most of his move to LA, for sure. The newest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers has been working on a series of programs, and his project ‘The Shop’ aired on HBO last night featuring a slew of notable celebs including Jon Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Draymond Green, and Odell Beckham Jr.

Throughout the episode, James and his guests talked about a wide range of topics including double standards for black athletes, James explores the idea that white athletes are treated differently than black athletes regardless of similarities in situations. OBJ, Giants receiver who recently inked a $95 contract, explained that he feels like a ‘zoo animal’. “I’ve got people who call out, Odell! Dance! Like I’m a show punk, a show monkey or something,” Odell confessed.

Check out the clips of Uniterripted’s ‘The Shop’, exclusively on HBO:


source – bleachereport, instagram

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