North Philly Residents Fill Potholes Themselves

Residents of the 3300 block of Mutter Street in North Philadelphia got tired of waiting for the city to take action and took matters into their own hands. According to ABC news, residents have been waiting since last winter for the potholes in their streets to be taken care of and since nothing has happened since, they decided to fill the holes themselves. “All the gentlemen got together. One of the girls took out the hose, another one got the cement, another one got the bricks, and they all got together on the block and did it,” on resident said.

They reportedly spent around $500 on supplies to get the job done. “Little kids were falling down, tripping on the potholes. Two other people hurt their ankles. One person broke his ankle. It was a bad situation that was only getting worse,” another resident said. “If you notice, it’s not a great job, but it’s good enough. Yes, we’re satisfied.”

source – ABC

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