New Jersey Woman Dies After Electric Company Turns Her Power Off

Linda Daniels, 68, died last Thursday after PSE&G cut her power off for non payment. According to Daniels’ son, he had bank records that proved he’d paid the electric company $500 two days prior to his mother’s passing. Linda Daniels relied on an electric-powered oxygen tank to breathe and last week’s temperatures reached 91 degrees, making into impossible for her to survive. “We were getting ice and putting ice on her, fanning her, trying to make it cool, but we couldn’t pump the oxygen,” Daniels daughter told CNN.

PSE&G claims they attempted to contact the family several times over the past months regarding non payment and that they were unaware of Daniels’ sickness. “Everyone at PSE&G is saddened by this terrible tragedy and we extend our sincere condolences to the family. While there will be a complete investigation of this matter, our records indicate that this account was severely in arrears and we made at least 15 attempts to notify the customer since January, 2018, including two visits to the residence prior to the disconnection,” they said in a statement.

Daniels had previously been hospitalized for congestive heart failure.

source – CNN

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