Meek Mill’s Lawyers Get In Heated Debate With Judge During Hearing

Meek Mill’s lawyers got into it with Judge Genece Brinkley, who they have been trying to get off the case because they believe she has a personal vendetta against Meek. During Meek’s hearing, his lawyers, Joe Tacopina, Brian McMonagle and Peter Goldberg claimed to have heard the judge laugh while one of their key witnesses was on the stand. According to TMZ, this is what happened:

Judge: Do you believe I have been ridiculing you?

Bridge: There were a couple moments where I sensed that was true.

Judge: And that I was laughing at you? He used the word laughing.

McMonagle: You did laugh.

Judge: No, I wasn’t laughing at him.

Goldberg: Your honor, I heard you laughing at him.

Judge: Excuse me?

McMonagle: All three lawyers heard you laugh.

Judge: Do you believe that I was laughing at you in the course of this serious case?

Bridge: I wouldn’t call it a laugh. I would call it a smirk.

Judge: OK. I can appreciate that you’re saying I laughed out loud, but I did not laugh out loud. I might have had a smile on my face, but I didn’t laugh out loud.

Judge Brinkley still has yet to make a decision on Meek’s request for a new trial.

source – TMZ


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