Meek Mill’s Crew Has Evidence Against Judge Genece Brinkley

A documentary film crew work on a project about Meek Mill on behalf of Roc Nation and Amazon, has obtained audio of Judge Genece Brinkley’s attorney, siding with Meek and his legal time. Meek Mill and his attorney’s believe his did not receive a fair trial and that Brinkley has had it out for him. They have also requested a new trial and that the judge be taken off the case. In the recording, which was captured right before Brinkley denied Meek a new trial, Charles Peruto Jr., Brinkley’s attorney, is heard saying, “Prosecution and defense agree — goodbye.” He also made comments in regards to the judge’s appearance. “She looks f–ing awful,” he said.

Peruto claims he doesn’t believe he made the comments and that if any such comments were recorded off the record, then they should remain off the record.

source – allhiphop

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