Matt Lauer Agrees To Pay $20 Million In Divorce Settlement

Matt Lauer has agreed to come up off a cool $20 million in his divorce settlement with soon to be ex-wife,¬†Annette Roque. According to Entertainment Tonight, a source says Matt’s biggest concern is making sure Annette is taken care of.¬†”

They both wanted to settle their divorce amicably for their children’s sake but it hasn’t been easy,” the source says. Matt and Annette have three children together.

“He finally decided it was time to finalize everything and move forward and focus on the kids. He has a lot of guilt about how things went down and he wants to make sure Annette is taken care of,” the source went on to say.

According to the source Lauer was hoping Annette would forgive him at some point during the divorce process, however, after being fired from The Morning Show, last year, for alleged inappropriate sexual misconduct, Annette was very angry and feels he truly embarrassed their family.

source – ET


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