Man Claims He Has Nick Foles’ ‘Lost’ Superbowl Ring

A young man claimed via Twitter that Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles left his 10-karat, white-gold superbowl ring in a Wawa in Collingswood, NJ. He posted a picture holding the ring but reps for the team say that it’s most definitely a fake. “We’ve seen the photo of the ring that you’re referencing, and that does not belong to Nick Foles,” said John Gonoude, a PR rep for the Eagles. “There are a number of noticeable differences that will show the ring is fake.”

Gonoude went on to describe a series of reasons the ring was a fake:

In the fake ring, the Eagle eye is more rounded and the Eagle beak is bulkier than in the real ring.

In the real ring, the head of the Lombardi Trophy consists of a large diamond that is outlined by a metal casing, whereas in the fake ring that does not appear to be the case.

There are very clear differences on the inside of the ring. The font, overall, is completely different in the fake ring and the secondary Eagles logo does resemble what it actually looks like.

In the real ring, there are four green sapphires on each corner that are also plated with other diamonds. That is not the case in the fake ring.

If you look at the side of the ring where it has Foles’ name, you can also tell that the font is different there as well. In the real ring, the letters are much finer and closer together. 

The stadium graphic in the real ring is also more defined and the flags of the stadium nearly touch the bottom of the letter ‘L’ in Foles, which is not the case in the fake ring.

Those are just a few of the discrepancies we have found just by looking at the photo.

source – phillyvoice

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