Kerry Washington Opens Up About Her Super Secret Private Life In Marie Claire

Scandal star, Kerry Washington graces the cover of the latest issue of Mare Claire and though she’s usually very private when it comes to her family and her marriage, she opens up a bit in the interview explaining her experience with motherhood. “My children are my teachers,” Kerry told the magazine. “There’s a writer that I love, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. She writes about conscious parenting, and her paradigm is that we think about it all wrong.”

“We get sent by God the kids we need so we can grow in order to be the parents they need us to be,” she went on to say. “The children I got sent came in perfect, and I have to figure out how to grow and evolve so that I can support the truth of them. I’m in a constant state of learning and challenging myself to make room for their perfection and beauty.”

Check out the full cover story here.



source – marieclaire

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