Kelly Rowland Wants To Collaborate With Stevie Wonder

Well, who doesn’t want to make music with the legendary Stevie Wonder?!

Singer, Kelly Rowland told Vogue Australia that she would LOVE to collaborate with Stevie. When asked if she was interested she said, “Absolutely. If the opportunity presented itself, it would be very cool, especially given what he was talking about that night and the world, that’s what brought us all together, to celebrate love and push it back into the air, because there is so much going on in the world, so much that’s disappointing–It’s safe to be silent and I think now is no time to be silent: you have to stand up.”

Kelly took the stage with Stevie, along with Childish Gambino and others for a special performance at the Peppermint Club back in LA.

source – montrosepress

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