K. Foxx Interviews XXXTentacion: Misunderstood

It was a hot day in miami, and at the time worked for Iheart radio. I was the only woman holding down a night show (6-10pm) in a highly competitive market. I show up to work and my program director at the time  (DJ 33 1/3) tells me that I’m about to interview XXXTentacion. I said “who?” In a matter of 5 minutes I learned that he had just got out of jail for allegedly assaulting his then pregnant girlfriend, and my perception of him was already tainted. Then we met, we connected, we talked, and we laid everything out on the table.  I found a new respect for this misunderstood soul that sat before me. What I appreciated about “X” as he affectionally said I could call him, was how real he was. He did not hold his tongue on any topic, and that included Drake, arguably one of the most popular rappers in the world. We talked about his philosophy on life, his career, one of his first jobs, his depression, and more.  When we
were done, he told me that this was one of the best interviews he had ever done because I made him feel comfortable to be who he is. That’s when I knew I did my job. With no malice, no judgement, just pure understanding and enlightenment. After X left I realized that he was a talented, tortured soul, with so much love  to give but didn’t know how to direct it. X was only 19 when we did this interview, and now he’s dead at the age of 20. Another young talent gone too soon. Rest in Power xxxTentacion, your energy will be missed.
(by K.Foxx)

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