James Harden Involved In Club Fight

A woman named NBA star, James Harden, in a police report, claiming he ‘roughed her up’ in a club in Scottsdale, according to TMZ. She claimed that a fight broke out, involving Harden’s entourage at Mint night club early Saturday morning, and that Harden noticed she was recording the incident on her phone. She alleges, Harden grabbed her wrist and took her phone and threw it on the roof, in an effort to prevent her from selling the video clip to TMZ. She says a member of Harden’s crew later came up to her and offered her $200 for her phone, and Harden then offered her an additional $300. Sources says, she climbed up on the roof and got her phone, which was still recording, once the fight had calmed down. She was taken to the hospital and treated for wrist injuries.

Officials say an investigation is underway and though Harden’s name is mentioned in the police report he is not yet been name a suspect in the investigation.

source – tmz

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