Donald Trump Fires Back At Omarosa’s Claims He Used The N-Word

Omarosa Manigault Newman went public about her firing from the White House, exposing content she secretly recorded on her phone during the conversation with the Chief of Staff. She also went public about other recordings that involved Trump campaign members, and Donald Trump himself using the n-word. Manigault Newman is promoting a new book called ‘Unhinged’ and is airing a lot of White House dirty laundry. She claims she didn’t actually hear the recording of Trump using the racial slur until after she was finished with her book but had she heard it previously, she’d have left.  “I had an opportunity to fly out to California, and the person allowed me to hear it,” she said during a conversation with CBS news. “Had I heard it while working in the White House, I would have left immediately.”

Donald Trump, of course, jumped on Twitter calling Omarose ‘wacky’ and a ‘low life’. He also claims that no such tapes exist. Check his tweets below:

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