Did Former First Lady Michelle Obama Offend Divorced Dads? I Don’t Think So

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama was promoting her memoir “Becoming” in London, and she sat down with talk show host Stephen Colbert; they came up with this metaphor that America is a teenager, and now we are in the divorced dad phase, and it offended some divorced dads.
Someone tweeted, “I admire @MichelleObama, but I really wish she wouldn’t use divorced dads as a metaphor for Trump. I hear some of them are quite awesome.” Someone else said, “As a divorced dad, I do my best to raise my son into a kind of man of which we all can be proud. Your comment doesn’t help people see that I’m conscientious and competent to do a good job.”


Do you think those people are being hypersensitive? Watch below:


Michelle Obama also talked about moving from the south side of Chicago to the White House, and meeting the Queen of England….


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