Dennis Rodman Is Ready To Collaborate With Kanye West

Dennis Rodman must have gotten wind of Kanye’s tweet last week. Ye post a pic of a signed Rodman Chicago Bulls jersey and said Rodman was one of his biggest inspirations and thanked him for being a leader of free thought. Well, Rodman took that to heart—the ex-NBA star posted a video on Twitter for Yeezy, saying “Let’s make history baby!”.

“Love your work, love your style, love your wife, your kids are beautiful,” Rodman says to Kanye. “Hey man, I thought about something. Let’s me and you do a track together, man—about world peace, about leaders of love, baby. About leaders of love. You’re one. I’m one. Let’s get together, baby, and do this right.”

Are we even, ready, for this?

source – twitter

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