Da Brat Owes NFL Cheerleader $6.4 Million For Nightclub Assault

Rapper, Da Brat is in hot water for a nightclub assault she was involved in back in 2007.  She was found guilty and liable for injuries that occurred after hitting NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens in the face with a bottle of rum. She was required to pay out $6.4 million.

Now, Stevens is going after the money Da Brat is making off of her role in the theatrical stage play adaptation of the film ‘Set It Off’ where the rapper plays the role of ‘Cleo’, originally played by Queen Latifah in the 1996 film. Stevens even sent a subpoena to Ticketmaster requesting information on the rapper’s financials but Ticketmaster declined claiming they do not employ Da Brat and that they want zero parts. No official court decisions have been made just yet.

source – hollywoodunlocked

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