California To Become First State To Abolish Cash Bail

After years of working, California will become the first state to abolish cash bail for suspects being held while awaiting trial. This reform is being put into place so that everyone is treated fairly regardless of their economic state. California appellate court declared the the state’s cash bail system unconstitutional on Tuesday.

“Our path to a more just criminal justice system is not complete, but today it made a transformational shift away from valuing private wealth and toward protecting public safety,” said Senetor Robert Herzberg. “California will continue to lead the way toward a safer and more equitable system.”

Under the California law those arrested and charged with a crime won’t be putting up money or borrowing it from a bail bond agent to obtain their release. Instead, local courts will decide who to keep in custody and whom to release while they await trial. Those decisions will be based on an algorithm created by the courts in each jurisdiction.

In most nonviolent misdemeanor cases, defendants would be released within 12 hours. In other instances, defendants will be scored on how likely they are to show up for their court date, the seriousness of their crime, and the likelihood of recidivism. (NPR)


source – NPR

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