An Organization Is Bailing Mothers Out Of Jail For Mothers Day!

I really love this! In honor of Mother’s Day a movement called “The National Bail Out Collective”, which consist of black organizers and lawyers, have been coordinating the the Mothers Day Bail Outs. So far they have bailed out over 120 women so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families. Below is a mother of 3, sharing her story of how she was locked up.


According news outlet WUSA9:


A Maryland-based group is working to get at least 15 women out of jail before Mother’s Day.

‘Free Black Mamas DMV’ is bailing out women who were arrested for minor crimes and cannot afford to get from behind bars.

“We are talking about both biological mothers, community mamas, community aunties, caretakers – bailing them out to raise public consciousness about the inhumanity of cash bail,” Samantha Master said.

The coalition plans to bail the more than one dozen women in Maryland, including places like Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City.

“Black people make up 33 percent of Maryland’s total population and over 60 percent of all of those incarcerated in Maryland,” Master explained.

The effort is part of a push to end cash bail systems and pre-trial detention across the country.

Watch video below:


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